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Happy New Year! | Hope 


He loved the bump, even if it seemed like he’d momentarily forgotten about it, which wasn’t the case at all.  He sat up and reached out to hook his arms around Hope’s thighs, pulling her closer and blowing a raspberry on her bump.

“Daddy didn’t forget about you and he never will, he just wanted to make mommy feel more special than she already is.”

Because Xavier could be cheesy too, but at the end of his statement, he pulled her down and onto his lap and kissed her right after that.  His hands moved up to the back of her bra and he undid it quickly, helping her put her bikini top on a moment later even though we all know he was going to end up taking it off soon enough.

Sliding an arm around his neck, she stole several more little kisses from him. She had no intention of getting up right away. She was sitting in the most comfortable seat around after all. “You know, I could get use to having my on personal clothes put-er on-er. You’re pretty great as a take-r off-er too. I kind of have the whole package. Daddy is full service.” Moving her head to lean against his shoulder, she smiled. “When I get huge you’re going to have to help me get my shoes and socks on. Actually, you are basically going to have to help me with most things. I bet you’re going to love it. Or you’re going to get really sick of it really fast.”

Happy New Year! | Hope 


“Excuse me!”

He attempted to correct his manners halfheartedly, his eyes not moving from Hope as she struggled to get her dress off.  He was about to stand up and help her when she finally worked it and he was treated to a vision of her in her underwear, looking beautiful as fuck.  He knew she sometimes felt gross, but she had a little bump now, that they were still calling the bumplet, and seeing that turned him on more than anything else.  Maybe that was weird, but whatever, it wasn’t like he could actually help it. 

“Comfy clothes work… or…”

He started, thinking for a moment.  He wanted sex, yes, but it wasn’t something he needed immediately.  He was wired, he had energy, and yet his entire body felt as if it had been hit by a truck. 

“Bathing suits?  We could take advantage of the fact that everybody’s still out partying and go night swimming?  I think they said a glass of champagne’s okay for you, right?  Or we could get some sparkling juice or something?  I think we should celebrate, just the two of us, you know?”

It was no contest. Hope had her mind made up the moment night swimming was mentioned. Nodding excitedly, she grinned. “I think getting into our bathing suits and spending some time in the pool is the perfect idea.” She leaned in for a quick kiss before she got up and then hopped to finding their bathing suits for them. “I think my doctor said a glass of wine sporadically would be okay but nothing major. A glass of champagne should be just fine.” She managed to dig through both of their bags and locate them pretty easily. She tossed the bathing suits onto the bed and raised her eyebrow at him. Her hands moving to her little bump. “Two of us? There are three here, daddy. We can’t leave out sweet pea.” So it was completely cheesy but it was also completely true. Even though she thought she looked like an absolute cow, she was trying to embrace the bump. Xavier seemed to not mind it at all. That was a blessing. The last thing she needed was him thinking she looked gross.

Happy New Year! | Hope 


They’d won.  He honestly could not believe it, but they’d won the Rose Bowl.  He’d scored too, just once, but it was at the beginning and it had served to get the rest of the Buckeyes suitably riled up, and that’s what they’d all needed.  Needless to say, as he was rushed by his family and friends at the end of the game, he felt like he was on top of the world.  They’d celebrated as a family, but now he was back at the hotel with Hope.  He’d splurged and gotten the two of them one of the villa suites, which gave them access to a private pool and hot tub.  He wanted to treat his girl to something nice and not have to worry about people bothering them, and he figured it was a good way for them to ring in the New Year together.

Still dressed in the suit he’d worn to the massive steak dinner they’d gone to, Xavier collapsed on the bed, placed both hands on his stomach and belched loudly. 

“Oh my god you have NO idea how good that felt.  Not a single clue.”

He called out to Hope, stretching on the bed and sighing with relief as his back cracked slightly.  Sometimes he hated how he felt post game, because despite how good he’d played, he couldn’t change the fact that he was sore.  Everything hurt.

"That was a good one! You should still say excuse me though. Start good habits to teach baby." Shaking her head at him with a smile on her lips, Hope followed him to the bed and sat down. Her hands instantly going for the zipper on her dress to get it off. "I don’t even want to hear it, mister. You try shoving yourself into a little party dress that you didn’t anticipate being snug because you weren’t supposed to start showing yet. Between the already poking out and the quantity of food in my stomach, I’m going to pop a seam. So tight." After a little bit of clawing at the zipper, she finally managed to get ahold of it and unzip her dress. "It is definitely comfy clothes time. What do you think?" 

Starting newness for us in the next few minutes!

YAY! SO EXCITED! I just got done editing my last answer and it turned into another rant. People will start to realize not to fuck with me! HOW DID I ACTUALLY JUST MISS THE ANSWER PRIVATELY BUTTON!?

Hi, I have also been following this roleplay for some time. Mainly just waiting for a spot to open that I actually wanted to play and I just wanted to say that I loved all of the characters (Hope and Xavier included) but I don't believe that you are entirely blameless and putting it all on the others is wrong and immature of you. I am happy that you are continuing this story in a 1x1 though.


I never said I was blameless. In my little vent, I fess up to the wrong I did. I think what I did was just a factor in what happened. Should I have garnered OOC resentment from telling one person they’re annoying? Probably. Should it have manifested in four characters instead of as an OOC setting? No. There is no excuse for mindless bashing and berating. Hope’s character, sanity, relationship. It was all brought into the mix and most of it was devalued. Never is that going to be okay to me. Maybe Hope’s argument with Sam was stupid. Maybe she was making no sense. It was just supposed to be a little argument between two characters. The other three had no right to continuously attack Hope. While I do believe that I am guilty of OOC issues, I do not believe that everyone’s actions IC were deserved and I am holding to that. And especially not from an admin who had a few days prior received a notice from me about the drama getting to be too much. Which she did nothing about that I know of. Trying to blame me for their actions like I earned them is bullshit. That’s just someone who is into their little clique trying to make them still look good. And guess what? I could care less. It was like RPing with four twelve year olds. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with it. Try to put blame on me but, it’s not changing the fact that I know what’s true more than you do. I experienced it all first hand. The only way that any of this makes sense is that the person that I did call out as annoying and whiny spread that around to her friends. One would have already known because she’s an admin. And that spun the OOC hate that should have stayed OOC. If someone tells you that something is over and done with, you expect no further trouble from it, right? Guess it was just a bunch of liars around there. ALL I did was call her out for being annoying and whiny. I’m not the only one who thought so. That’s where I think the only wrong I did came into play. I regret ever trying to get Hope to interact with Sam more through that little tiff. All it did was cause trouble. But, I will accept no further blame than for the OOC issue. I do appreciate that you enjoyed Hope and Xavier and I hope you still feel free to read. I’ve had people attacking my rp character and my character as a human for the last few days and I am a little touchy. If I sound bitchy, I’m sorry. I can’t help it. It’s going to be a sore spot for a bit.

I'm devastated as a reader of this rp. I felt really bad when it was 4 on 1 (I may have msged you then as well) and I honestly could see your point of view with all of it. I struggled to actually read this rp after that epecially a few certain characters & couldn't believe when you got more crap just after you posted Hope had nearly had a miscarriage. I'm disappointed because this isn't what these places should be about but I love you and Hope as a character and I wanted to say thank you xoxo


Awww, thank you!<3 That is really sweet and after everything I really needed to hear something like that. It really has turned my night/morning around. I’d be lying if I said my feelings weren’t hurt and I didn’t feel completely disrespected. I honestly thought when Sam and Hope made up that things would be resolved and okay but some people just can’t let go of drama that happened OOC. I truly believe this all stemmed from me calling out a fellow player for being whiny. She took it that much to heart that she got me in trouble for it. By tracking it back to me nonetheless. Which is an invasion of my privacy. She’s gotten such worse hate and I was the only one she tracked? Like, seriously!? I don’t get it. But I think she couldn’t let it go and had to spread the drama on to her friends. It turned into the Sam/Rachel/Quinn/Santana clique against Hope and that wasn’t okay by day two and on to day three and four.

When I started the drama between Sam and Hope, I meant it to be a little argument. I didn’t think people would jump on Hope as they did. In my heart of hearts, I believe it was all in OOC resentment. It’s impossible to rp with people when your character is constantly ignored or devalued or attacked. It sucked the fun out of the RP for me. I think there were a group of people that just decided to hold a grudge for something that was between me and one other person in an out of character setting.

I can understand punishing me out of character for it but Hope shouldn’t have suffered. Motives were skewed and they wanted me to come out looking bad in the end as well as Hope looking bad too. All it did was just push me to remove myself from the situation. Towards the end they were just clawing for drama. I could have had Hope lose the baby and she still would have gotten the same amount of shit. That was my way of trying to get them to step back but nothing would have done it. The kind of behavior I saw from an admin was appalling and I’m still confused as to why I got the criticism for quitting the rp. (The criticism post was deleted or I’d direct you to it.)

If the other admin had been here, I believe things would have went much differently. My first complaint about the drama being too much would have been taken care of and everything would have been kosher. But, it was swept under the rug. As were Hope’s feelings and problems many different times.But, what can you do, right? I can’t help but to get rant-y about it. It still really irks me. I put a lot of time and love and effort into Hope. It feels good to be able to get everything off my chest in one go.

She’s not gone though! V and I are going to keep Hope and Xavier going in a 1x1. So, feel perfectly free to keep up with Hope and the whole thing that way. You are welcome and thank you so much for having enough interest in Hope to stick around and read what was going on. But, this means a lot to me. Thank you so much, anon<3

I can’t take it anymore. 

I feel like Hope has been unfairly treated for several days now and it seems like it’s not going to stop. It makes RPing difficult and not fun at all. I hate to do this because I love this rp and everyone in it, but, I think I’m going to have to quit. It’s been fun and amazing and I hate that I have to go. It just seems like time. Hope doesn’t seem to fit in or work here anymore. I wish you all the best. I truly do. I’ve tried to make it work and I’ve tried to adjust Hope to fit things but it’s just constant berating of her. I’m sorry for leaving on you guys. I hope to see some of you around again. - Brandi.

I’m upset because it’s my wedding. 


Who gave you the right to belittle my emotions? For once, this isn’t about you, Hope! This is about me on my wedding day. I apologize that everything can not be about you. The day after, things can resume to normal, but the 21st of December is MY day. My husband wanted you at the wedding! Does that mean nothing to you? You’re demeaning my feelings and quite frankly, it’s sickening. I might not be pregnant or overly stressed, but this is a big day for me. 

How am I trying to make this about me? I’m telling you that you’re being irrational. Not having me there isn’t going to change the course of your wedding.

I’m upset because it’s my wedding. 


When you get married and you have people back out of your wedding, I can promise that you will be this upset.

Not if it was someone who wasn’t part of my family or the wedding party. It it was some random girl I know from the internet, I wouldn’t be upset.

I’m upset because it’s my wedding. 


The one day of my life that is supposed to be perfect and flawless and about Noah and I. That’s why I’m upset. It’s my wedding and it already seems sour. My wedding.

Someone you barely know not being there should not be this big of a deal.